How to Prevent Arguments

Upset woman sitting away from male reading on sofa looking away

5 Warning Lights That Tell You a Conversation’s Going Wrong   In the late 1960’s, a series of catastrophic plane crashes occurred without any apparent awareness of danger on the part of the pilots. In response, the aviation industry introduced an enhanced warning system to alert pilots to danger. For example, if terrain rises significantly within 2,000 feet of the

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Patching Things Up after Rows

Conflicts are an inevitable part of any relationship. Without making any excuses for poor conduct, we have to accept that conversation can be a chaotic business and doesn’t unfold in straight lines. As such, it would be ridiculous to imagine that we’re going to get all of our conversations right. After an argument, people have different ways of patching things

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What makes your Partner Tick?

The starting point for any investigation into how your partner ticks must be the recognition that their needs and motivations may not be the same as yours. This is very straightforward to recognize in principle, but much harder in practice. 1. Dealing with differences. Let’s imagine that you’re someone who is action-oriented and wants people to get to the point. You appreciate

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